Reinforced Manifolds for Scania V8



Collerock reinforced manifolds are the only ones on the market that come with a 24-month warranty. In the event of any problem with any of the 8 components in the kit, we replace it with a new one quickly and without asking for an explanation.

Stop the problems with the cast iron manifolds of your Scania V8

Imagine no more wasting time in the garage with junk manifolds. With the brand new Collerock R-Series Evolution reinforced headers, not only will your riding experience change forever, but you will also be able to mash the pedal on even the toughest climbs. With their handcrafted construction and high quality reinforced steel components, the brand new Collerock R-Series Evolution will allow you to work uninterrupted and improve the performance of your V8 with more efficient fuel consumption. All this at an affordable price.

Have you ever felt your manifolds venting as soon as you start your truck? Or want to overtake a colleague on the motorway but lack the necessary power? Or keep your foot light for fear of raising your consumption? Finally the solution has arrived: with the brand new Collerock R Series Evolution steel manifolds you can do all these things with complete peace of mind.

You get twice the quality of the original cast iron manifolds but at a lower price.

The best truck drivers choose the best!

The quality and efficiency of the Collerock R-Series Evolution manifolds will leave you speechless.

  • Unprecedented material quality: the Collerock R-Series Evolution headers are designed to handle all the power of your Scania V8 without any problems, thanks to the 20 mm thick steel reinforcement flange
  • Unrivalled ease of fitting: the Collerock R-series Evolution manifolds are designed to perfectly match the measurements of the Scania V8, your mechanic will be amazed by this.
  • 5 mm thick steel pipes: all pipes and connecting bushes are thicker than the original cast iron manifolds, this allows resistance and elasticity at very high temperatures.
  • Triple-layer reinforced welds: all welds are handmade using an advanced technique that ensures maximum strength
  • All accessories are made of reinforced steel: not only the manifolds but also the rings, gaskets and plates are made of reinforced steel.